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Established in 2012, Fiontar Group provide a comprehensive range of global Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality (HSEQ) consultancy services. Our expert team delivers innovative solutions tailored for the construction, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors, among others. Discover how our ISO-accredited services, PSDP, PSCS services, including audits, risk management, and safety training, can help ensure your operations are efficient and compliant. Connect with us today to enhance your business's safety and quality standards


Competent, practical and straightforward service.

Experience the efficiency with Fiontar Group's competent, practical, and straightforward HSEQ services. Tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse industries, our solutions ensure compliance, enhance safety, and streamline operations. Connect with our expert team today to elevate your business's standards in health, safety, environmental, and quality management.


Global HSEQ Services

Fiontar Group offer Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality services to an extensive range of clients across different industries on a global basis. Our team of HSEQ Professionals have a wide range of experience working to different legislation allowing our clients peace of mind that they are fully covered and compliant.


Fully accredited

We are proud to deliver services that are fully accredited, holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certificates.

Our Retainer Packages



  • Certificate of membership
  • EHS advice via phone & email
  • An initial EHS Gap analysis
  • Updates on EHS legislation
  • Safety Statement Review
  • Minimum legal compliance


  • All of package One
  • Full EHS office/ Workshop Audit & inspection
  • Annual Review of all EHS policies
  • 10% discount for Online training
  • Act as competent person for all matters relating to EHS
  • PQQ help and support
  • Compliance


  • All of package One and Two
  • 2 EHS offices
  • Workshop Audit and inspection
  • Six month review of all EHS policies
  • 20% discount for online training
  • Act as competent person for all matters relating to EHS
  • Accident/Incident investigation
  • Full legal industry compliance

Online Training Managed For You.

Fiontar Group are experts in the provision of Classroom & Online Training around a range of items, including manual handling; fire safety, asbestos awareness, CDM awareness, PSDP & PSCS Requirements and first aid. Training services can be delivered in classrooms at any of our locations or at your own business premises. Training is also available via an online portal. All training is fully accredited and delivered at a time and location convenient to you, with completion recognised with valid certificates.

We are proud to offer services which are fully accredited, holding ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certificates.

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Winter Weather Safety

🚧 As the winter chill settles in, ensuring site safety becomes crucial. Here are some winter safety tips to keep everyone safe on site.

Keep Informed: Keep up to date with weather forecasts and warnings from the Met Éireann (Ireland weather service) or the Met office (UK weather service)

Clear pathways: Remove snow and ice regularly to prevent slips and falls.

Traffic control: Mark icy areas and redirect traffic away from hazardous zones.

Inspections: Regularly check equipment and scaffolding for ice buildup.

Communication: Keep everyone informed about weather changes and safety protocols.

Emergency Preparedness: Reinforce emergency response plans tailored for winter conditions, ensuring swift action in case of accidents or unforeseen weather-related incidents.

Remember to prioritise safety as we work through the winter months! #ConstructionSafety#WinterWorkPrecautions#staysafestaywarm

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Shelbourne Road

This project involves a fit out of 2 floors to the commercial office building including – Floor 5 – Existing Cat B fit out refurbs works Floors 6 – Existing CAT A grey box to be completely fitted out to CAT B office finish. Fiontar Group Role: PSCS

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