October 2023 is Construction Safety Month!  - Fiontar Group

October 2023 is Construction Safety Month! 

Tue 3, 2023

This year the focus is on Critical Risks.

In construction, identifying and mitigating critical risks is crucial for everyone’s safety. Every day, construction workers face multiple hazards such as:

🔸 Trenching & Excavation Hazards
🔸 Confined Spaces Dangers
🔸 Heavy Machinery Accidents
🔸 Respiratory Hazards (Dust, Asbestos, etc.)
🔸 Falls from heights
🔸 Electrical hazards

But by raising awareness, sharing knowledge, using best practices
and ensuring strict adherence to protocols, we can mitigate these risks, create a safer site and protect everyone involved.

Make It Visible campaign video,

Lighthouse Club website 

Construction Workers’ Health Trust website

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