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Safety First. Hazards & risks

Wed 30, 2023

Fiontar Group – Safety first! 🔒 Let’s talk about the difference between hazards and risks.

💡 Hazards are potential sources of harm. They can be anything from slippery floors to electrical wires. It’s crucial to identify and eliminate them to create a safer environment. Remember, spotting hazards is the first step to preventing accidents!

💼 Risks, on the other hand, arise from hazards. They represent the likelihood and potential severity of harm occurring. For example, working near heavy machinery without proper training increases the risk of accidents. By assessing and managing risks, we can make informed decisions to reduce danger.

So, how can we keep our workplace safe?

1️⃣ Stay vigilant: Keep an eye out for hazards and report them immediately.

2️⃣ Training: Properly trained employees can identify risks and know how to handle them.

3️⃣ Protective gear: Always use the right equipment to minimise potential harm.

4️⃣ Communication: Discuss risks with your colleagues and supervisors to find effective solutions.

Safety is a team effort.