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Winter Weather Safety

🚧 As the winter chill settles in, ensuring site safety becomes crucial. Here are some winter safety tips to keep everyone safe on site.

Keep Informed: Keep up to date with weather forecasts and warnings from the Met Éireann (Ireland weather service) or the Met office (UK weather service)

Clear pathways: Remove snow and ice regularly to prevent slips and falls.

Traffic control: Mark icy areas and redirect traffic away from hazardous zones.

Inspections: Regularly check equipment and scaffolding for ice buildup.

Communication: Keep everyone informed about weather changes and safety protocols.

Emergency Preparedness: Reinforce emergency response plans tailored for winter conditions, ensuring swift action in case of accidents or unforeseen weather-related incidents.

Remember to prioritise safety as we work through the winter months! #ConstructionSafety#WinterWorkPrecautions#staysafestaywarm